Willingdon Publishers are re-publishing W. J. Vines original book and launching their project for “Not So Old Willingdon” – the sequel!

Join us on 23 November 2019 at Willingdon Community Hub Library for the launch of our reprint of this book about Willingdon. There are very few copies of the original in existence so we have re-published it and copies will be available for sale at the library with all profits going to the Willingdon Community Hub Library Trust – a registered charity set up to keep the library building and services running with the help of a team of volunteers.

We will also have gift wrapped copies available for those who may want to buy one as a Christmas present for someone.

We also want to compile a list of people who may have stories about Willingdon from 1975 onwards to help our research for a new volume as well as revisiting some older stories such as the connection with George Orwell’s 1984.

Please let us know if you have any stories either at the event or by posting on this site.

You can email us directly with stories at: stories@willingdonpublishers.co.uk.

Ray Burnside

2 thoughts on “Old Willingdon book relaunch on Saturday 23 November from 12 noon to 3pm.”

  1. The Launch of William J Vine’s book ‘Old Willingdon’ at the Willingdon Community Library on Sat 23rd November was great fun and really well attended. We did a short introduction and told all that Bill Vine (William’s son) had been very pleased that folk are still interested in his father’s book, and that the family were so glad the profits would go to the Library, now managed by volunteers and funded by local support.
    We also did 3 readings from the book, one about the midnight milkman known as Flickie (someone at the event told us that he actually got caught watering down his milk, but that William was probably far too kind to put that in the book – but it might end up in our new ‘Not So Old Willingdon book!). The second reading was about transport including trying to get to Eastbourne and back from Willingdon in carts, and the bath-chair supplied by a very community minded lady for the older members of the village (and some of the naughtier children), and kind people giving lifts to those voting (which we hope will be continued later this month!!), and the final reading about Willingdon trees – the one originally celebrating Victoria’s Jubilee just outside the post office, and the Poplar trees which seemed to be cursed – of the 12, 3 were chopped down and all 3 people directly involved died within 2 weeks according to William! (Lol, there is now a preservation order on all the remaining trees apparently!!).
    So, drum roll, we sold 93 copies!!! And we are still taking orders from people in dribs and drabs, and there are books for sale in the Library and at the village Post Office. In selling the books, doing a raffle and selling teas, coffee’s and cakes we raised £534 for the library that day. So last Saturday we knocked up one of those daft large cheques and formally presented it to the Library.
    People were so interested in the new book that we are starting (Not So Old Willingdon, bringing the latest stories about Willingdon, mainly but not solely from where William stopped, at WW2 onwards) and brought with them postcards, and photos, and talked about their lives in Willingdon. We took numbers and will be in touch with them in the New Year – we are so excited about it! So all in all it was a great 3 hours.

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